Piggelmee and Tureluur ..... their story

The fairy-tale figure Piggelmee is known from the book "Van het Toovervischje" (From the magic fish) a fairy tale based on the Grimm"s fairy tale: From the Fisherman and his Wife. The story was created during the first decades of the last century by Van Nelle, a Dutch tea and coffee company, as an advertising campaign for their products.

The stories of adventure were published in albums for collectable picture cards. The author of this retold fairy tale was L.G. Steenhuizen.
"Van het toovervischje" was the first album followed by three others.

"Once upon a time,
in the country of the golden dunes
not so far away from the sea
lived a leprechaun couple
named Piggelmee"

The leprechauns Piggelmee and his wife Tureluur lived in an old Cologne pot near the sea. One day it came to their ears that a little magic fish had appeared on the beach and that it would give you everything if asked humbly. They decided to go to the beach and asked for a little house. The fish fulfilled their wish, they went home and found a real little house. Now it had to be furnished. Piggelmee went back to the sea, calling for the little magic fish:

"little fish, little fish in the sea
here is leprechaun Piggelmee"

and asked for some furniture.

When he came home it was already there. But now Tureluur had another wish and sent Piggelmee out to the sea again. This went on day after day and Piggelmee became reluctant to ask for more, but Tureluur was never satisfied. Every day when Piggelmee expressed a new wish the fish appeared but the water became darker and darker. Till the fish was fed up and as by magic the leprechauns lived again in their old Cologne pot.

Piggelmee and Tureluur

Be pleased with what you have!