The Ox Bindery - Piggelmeebooks & Blackboards, a family run business

Piggelmeebooks & Blackboards are the fun and fantasy creations of The Ox Bindery. All products are fully handmade in our studio in the Ox Mountains.

Fine bindings, books bound in the traditional way, are made by Benjamin, a bookbinder and conservator in books, paper and parchment.

Ineke and Martje, mother and daughter, are creating a variety of books and blackboards, from miniature books, padded notebooks to the full range of music books and blackboards.

Ineke gives Benjamin a hand with his conservation work, especially dismantling books and paper repair and he gives Ineke a hand with finishing some Piggelmee creations.

Martje developed the full range of blackboards and is a great help to prepare for the National Crafts and Design Fair.